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How about yours? Is there anyone who used "User Defined JMX Metric Actions" on WLSDM for WebLogic console?

A quick look on WLSDM for WebLogic Server

WLSDM (WL Smart Dashboard & Monitoring) was already mentioned by some people within the Oracle WebLogic Community.

The WLSDM tool is a Console extension with which you can monitor your Oracle WebLogic Server environment. But its not only a pure monitoring tool, its more than this, it provides on top even Notifications and Alarms for metrics.

Current release for WLSDM is 2.3.1 which also comes with Oracle SOA Support :-)

The installation is really straight forward as described in the installation document from the WLSDM, but the given 1 minute deploy time is a bit optimistic :-) its more 5 minutes, but this is still impressive how quick you can setup WLSDM :-) Just follow the instructions for the installation, after you start the WLSDM Dashboard, the configuration assistant will guide you through the necessary configuration and your Monitoring and Notification/Alarm System is ready to use.

WLSDM comes is real Dashboard Style with provides you several views on your WebLogic Server environment.

General Health Overview Dashboard:

Image of Health Dashoard

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