Case: Monitoring ACTIVE/INACTIVE Oracle Database Sessions on WebLogic?

I have prepared a short screencast tutorial about monitoring DB sessions on WebLogic. It can be extended by adding machine, inst_id fields from gv$session and gv$sqlarea.

Basic SQL Statement on Generic DevOps MBean:

    status, count(*) 
group by status
order by 1

You can use below SQL on Oracle Database for your reference to understand what is going on at your Oracle database then reflect and visualize it on WLSDM dashboards.

select s.inst_id,'alter system kill session'||''''||sid||','||serial#||''''||',@'||s.inst_id||''''||';',q.SQL_ID,q.HASH_VALUE,lower(s.username) ora_user,s.machine,s.sid, s.serial#,q.sql_text, s.event#, s.event,
q.executions, q.cluster_wait_time, q.plsql_exec_time, q.java_exec_time, q.rows_processed, q.cpu_time, q.elapsed_time,s.osuser
from gv$session s, gv$sqlarea q
where s.status='ACTIVE'
q.hash_value = s.sql_hash_value
and q.address = s.sql_address
and s.type!='BACKGROUND'

Sreencast GIF File URL: Simply download and share with your team members.
Contains useful and educational knowledge about how WebLogic works with Oracle DB and how WebLogic behaves on database operations.

JSL (Java Server Loader) Screen-Capture (Available in screencast tutorial):